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Speaker Reel

Highlights from Katja talks


Adobe Keynote

Speculative Design: Future of Embedded Technology and Ethics

Interaction Latin America 18 KEYNOTE

You are not a Designer, You are a coach.

CEO Connect Conference 2018

Customer Journeys and Goal Directed Design

Interaction 17

Highlights from Interaction 17 at IxDA New York City

Ambient Intelligence

Notes on the New AI

Exploring The Future of Wearables

Embodied cognition, sensory design and the future of wearables.

Panel Discussion – Design As Disruptor

How the role of design and the designer is rapidly changing in the 21st century

Democratising Design

Making New Futures by Breaking Old Rules

Business As [Un]usual:

Mindsets & frameworks to steer your business through the pandemic & beyond.

‘Designing for Trust’ with Katja Forbes

What is fake and what is true? And who should we trust? Because trust is essential: Human interactions, relationships, and systems are all based on trust.


Navigating the digital world with intention, heart and purpose with Katja Forbes

In a world driven by rapid growth, how do you stay connected to one’s inner compass and lead with intention, kindness and ethics?

Katja Forbes – The Journey Into Design Leadership

In this episode Katja talks about her journey to design leadership, learning to let go of the tools and start managing people, building up her own company through to being acquired.

Katja Forbes talks to Sehaam Cyrene about our moral compasses in design and leadership.